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    Fiber-Mix is an asphalt and Fiber Glass combination which serves as a reinforcement binder in bituminous asphalt pavement.

    About our exclusive Fibermix!
    Omann Brothers paving, Inc. recommends its revolutionary Fiber-Mix asphalt, which is unique to the area. The company is the only paving contractor in Minnesota using this durable mixture. The Fiber-Mix contains strands of fiber glass to add extra strength and durability that will keep the pavement looking great and lasting longer than the regular standard mix.
        What does this mean for you?
    • Lower repair frequency
    • Retards asphalt seperations and cracking
    • Eliminates aggregate segregation
    • Increase resistance to rutting, shoving, washboarding, and raveling
    • Retards reflective cracking of overlay course
    • Excellent cohesion, strength, and elasticity
    • Excellent protection against water penetration that can cause pot holes
    • Superior Product
    • Very Affordable
    • Tops in all applications
    *Fiber-Mix does NOT eliminate cracking!
    What will Fiber-Mix do for you?
    It will increase the cohesive strength of the asphalt, improve it's workability, and extend the service of the pavement by making it more resistant to shoving, rutting and thermally induced reflective cracking.
    How will it do it?
    Fiberglass fibers are randomly distributed throughout the asphalt mix to increase the tensil strength and elongation of the asphalt. Bituminous overlays reinforced with Fiber-Mix show more resistance to deformation.
    Independant Univeristy Test Study
    Here is an Independant study using Industry waste fiberglass showing the increase in "tensile strength" and "toughness" of a HMA (hot mixed asphalt)
    Omann Brothers Paving is currently using only new factory purchased fiberglass in the fibermix product.
    Laboratory Investigation of Indirect Tensile Strength Using Roofing Polyester Waste Fibers in Hot Mix Asphalt.pdfLaboratory Investigation of Indirect Tensile Strength Using Roofing Polyester Waste Fibers in Hot Mix Asphalt.pdf

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